firstly, i am SO sorry for the slowness of me. we have been so busy recently.. and i have had a bit of a cold as well.. grrrr.
anyways, just recently i made a mini movie of my little sister Poppy. just bits + pieces of her life and quirky ways. she’s pretty wonderful and i thought it would be so fun to make a mini movie on her.. here it is! :

P O P P Y from misszaliblog on Vimeo.

what do you think? i actually really love making mini movies, they’re so fun!
in other news, i have been trying and trying and TRYING to get my new blog design “just right”.. but sadly to NO success. i am really happy with the animated eye header though.
i think i have come up with an idea for a good design, its just so hard to get it all together + looking good. argh.. oh well! I have also been seeing friends, doing a new art class and eating hot chips on chilly winter days. so overall its been a pretty good week!

happy saturday!

BIG magazine


just recently, the latest issue of BIG kids magazine came out. this is issue 6 and is called Patterns & Pathways. i think it might be my favourite issue yet! I just LOVE the cover illustration, all the colours… and the elephants! so cute. in this issue i drew a big colouring in page, filled to the brim of patterns! you have to find and colour the sari + all the patterns around it! it was SO much fun to work on, and i really like how it came out..


i just love to flip through it and read all the inspiring stories, look at all the wonderful art and do all the fun activities it has inside. to subscribe to BIG kids magazine (which i really think you should!) you can go >HERE<. thank you again SO much to Jo + Lilly for including me on such a BIG adventure, its been so fun!

happy sunday!