recently i have been yet again obsessed with drawing. i mean, i’m always obsessed with drawing. but sometimes i just CANT stop, i get so many crazily wonderful ideas and i just have to draw them! anyway, recently i have been drawing ALOT and i thought i would show you! they are some of my favourite drawings i have done so far, and its made me feel all inspired to do lots of other drawings now… and it all started with this one. i don’t know what i was thinking when i added all three fish in there.. heh heh! its a little nuts, but i think thats what i like about it..



the last one just there, is a project i am doing at my art class! i absolutely love my art class, it has such a wonderful environment and the teachers are SO amazing! at the moment me, harper and delaney are learning how to use watercolours, and i love it. its so nice to actually know what your doing when you use them.

also, i am so sorry for the super duper slow blogposting. i absolutely promise that there are excite-ring things coming up and i can’t wait to show them to you! and make sure to check out my instagram as well! (i am quite a lot more post-y on there)

xo zali

ice cream dream

icecreamdreamsource, source, source, source, source, source

at the moment i really love ice cream. i mean, i always love ice cream. but as it gets into summer, it just gets even more wonderful then before. SO GOOD. and, as i was going through my pinterest boards the other day, i couldn’t help but notice just HOW many different ways of making ice cream there is! mmm mm ooh it makes me hungry just looking at it. i think my favourite one is the middle left one. its looks cool and i am almost prettyyyy sure it tastes cool too (cool as in cold and delicious). even the fact that they look SO wonderful makes them even more amazing, i just want to spend my days drawing, eating, photographing, eating, drawing and eating ice creams. how good would that be?!

but for now, i am trying to thing of some cool DIYs that include ice cream.. humbug. there are so many different ways, but i want to do something completely NEW and outstandingly wonderfully wonderful. stay tuned for lots of excitingness.

happy ice cream sunday! (hahahahahahahah see what i did there?)

xo zali