mumblelala / edit. 1


OKAY so, today i have something so exciting to share with you all.. its a NEW and completely different, fortnightly feature! YAY. basically, every fortnight i will post a new edition of MUMBLELALA. which is basically a little gif-diary illustrated by me, of my mumbles, thoughts and things that have been happening during the past month!

anyways, please welcome.. MUMBLELALA edition 1!


august 20th / 2014.
lately i have been really quite stressed about my blog.. worrying because i have been so slack with posting. BUT whenever i try to start doing posts and creating content for posts, i see some cute rainbow loom tutorial and i think “ohhhh i’ll just make 3 of these, and THEN i will get onto blogging!” and then (6 happy mangos, 1 happy shallot and 3 happy carrots later) its night time and i start freaking out because i haven’t gotten anything done! don’t you just hate it when that happens?

happy wednesday
xo zali

lately / hello


geeeeee… firstly i am soooo sorry that i have been so absent from my blog + instagram!
we have been driving to and from brisbane a lot recently, and where we were staying
had next to no internet. hence my large lack of email replying, instagramming + blogging!
but now, I’m back! and trust me, I have SO many excitering things coming up for my blog,
so stay tuned! but for now, here is what i have been up to lately..

1. colourful pom poms hanging on my door / 2. popcorn & paisleys just AH-MAZING fashion post! i looove it! / 3. making rainbow loom 3D donuts / 4. my dear friend harper’s latest fashion post / 5. chloe’s birthday post, THE CAKE! / 6. colourful macaron erasers from smiggle! / 7. delaney’s just wonderful style, i love this chicka!


happy sunday!
xo zali