king + april playlist


recently, my mama did a talk and got given the most pretty flower, i think they are called King Protea’s, i am not sure. but i love them. so i have been staring at it ever since, day dreaming of wonderful photoshoots and drawings..

sadly, i haven’t quite done that yet. so for now i just content my self with taking numerous photos and listening to my april playlist.. its a pretty good life <3



india part. 2


i am just SO excited to show you part. 2 of our india trip, it was SO MUCH fun, and we stayed in some really amazing places, yippee! you can see my instagrams of india post  >HERE<  and india part. 1  >HERE<.


for 6 days we stayed at the most amazing hotel, Jas Vilas (which i mentioned in part. 1). we had the best time there, after 6 days, everyone felt like family! every night for dinner we had the most delicious curries, seriously, i have never known there where SO many wonderful ways to make potatoes. SO MANY. we even got to spend Holi there, which is basically the most wonderful festival on this planet. you have probably heard of it, the one where people throw powder paint at each other? that one! its SO amazing. and, the owners at Jas Vilas set up a few trays of powder up on the big lawn, some singers, musicians and dancers came and everyone danced, sang, threw paint, laughed and had drank sprite. it was the BEST day ever, but let me tell you, i haven’t been so worn out for a long time!

                                                 (from @haileybe on IG)

after our 6 days at Jas Vilas, we got a mini bus and all drove up to the village of Samode to stay at the most incredible, Samode Palace! we all had to pinch ourselves to see if it was true when we arrived, it is so beautiful! the rooms we stayed in had the most magnificent views and where even joined! it has so many different rooms, pathways and is actually connected to a fort. it has an absolutely incredible infinity pool as well, overlooking the giant hills surrounding the palace. its so incredibly beautiful, its still hard to imagine me actually being there!


we spent two amazing nights in Samode, on the last day we even wandered down to the village. there was so many nice people there, and so many cute little kids! on the first night, and the second night as well actually, we got to witness a huge gala at the palace. they had fireworks, camels, donkeys and thousands of flowers! it was so amazing! we also saw lots of little monkeys (and big monkeys too) and ALOT of camels.

after our 2 nights at Samode, we got another mini bus to Agra, which is about 8 hours away from Jaipur + Samode. it was a really fun drive, we watched movies, chattered, ate tango tomato chips, chocolate cookies and watched all the beautiful sights out the windows. once we finally arrived in Agra, it was quite late, so we had dinner and went to bed. the next day, VERY early, we went to the incredible Taj Mahal! oh my, i have heard people say how beautiful it is, but it was so incredibly more beautiful than i imagined. the white marble is so incredible and all the tiniest little details.


after seeing the Taj Mahal, we went back to the hotel, got our bags and got another minibus to Delhi. which is the capitol of India. we only spent one night there as well, so we didn’t get to see a whole lot. we arrived quite late in the afternoon at our hotel (which, was so wonderful), so we all went to our rooms and relaxed until dinner, when we went down to one of the restaurants in the hotel. after dinner, we had to say goodbye to our friends, they where leaving very early the next morning so we wouldn’t see them, we didn’t leave until night the next day. it was sad to say goodbye, but it wasn’t for long and we had had the BEST time with them.

the next day was spent shopping, looking around the streets, and spending our last moments with mama before we left. me, Poppy and my dad where leaving that night but mama wasn’t leaving for another 4 days. she had some work to do. it was very sad saying goodbye to her, but once we got on the plane we where all fine.


oh india, thank you for having us! you are truly the most colourful, fun, crazy, incredible, happy, exciting and beautiful country, we love you!

xoxo zali