recently, i have been getting more and more obsessed with alpacas. THEY ARE THE CUTEST DARN THINGS EVERRRR. oh my gosh i love them.. and isn’t the alpaca tape holder just about the best invention ever? and of course, cat rabbits alpacas wearing peter pan collars.. i die.

1. awesome shoes / 2. ace and jig top + skirt / 3. alpaca tape holder / 4. pizza weaving / 5. cat rabbit alpaca / 6. this photo <3

xo, zali

new zealand


you may or may not have known, but me and my family along with some friends went to new zealand for 1 week! i am half kiwi, so i have been to new zealand quite a few times, and i absolutely LOVE it. i think its the most beautiful place i have ever been! everywhere you look is a postcard just waiting to happen.

we went for a ski trip, which was the first time me and my sister had EVER seen snow! and you do not know how excited i was to finally throw a snowball.. and to finally go down a hill on a snowboard! me, my mum and my sister all did snowboarding, and it was SO MUCH FUN! geeeeeee i love it!


i am also not sure if you noticed the slightly blue theme going on.. in all my instagrams up the top, and these four! all the water over there is so crystal clear and blue! same with the sky, not a cloud! just PERFECT for taking photos.

the whole trip was so fun, i really want to go again! and snowboarding, AHHH!! i loved it so much, and by the end, i was going up the chairlift! but omg, falling over hurt so much! especially on not-so-soft snow.. owww. i would also really love to try skiing one day, what do you do/rather? snowboarding or skiing?

thankyou for having us new zealand, WE LOVE YOU!

xo, zali