ice cream dream

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at the moment i really love ice cream. i mean, i always love ice cream. but as it gets into summer, it just gets even more wonderful then before. SO GOOD. and, as i was going through my pinterest boards the other day, i couldn’t help but notice just HOW many different ways of making ice cream there is! mmm mm ooh it makes me hungry just looking at it. i think my favourite one is the middle left one. its looks cool and i am almost prettyyyy sure it tastes cool too (cool as in cold and delicious). even the fact that they look SO wonderful makes them even more amazing, i just want to spend my days drawing, eating, photographing, eating, drawing and eating ice creams. how good would that be?!

but for now, i am trying to thing of some cool DIYs that include ice cream.. humbug. there are so many different ways, but i want to do something completely NEW and outstandingly wonderfully wonderful. stay tuned for lots of excitingness.

happy ice cream sunday! (hahahahahahahah see what i did there?)

xo zali

oh how pinteresting!


lately has been just so fun. the sun is getting sunnier, the waves are growing clearer, the sand is growing whiter and the sky is getting SO much more incredibly bluer. i love spring, i think its the best month out of the whole year, because its almost summer! all of the ice creams and hot chips and swims with friends are so close! YAY.


the only annoying thing is that the water is still so damn freeezzzinngg! i went surfing the other day, and i was so, so cold. and that was in a wetsuit. come ON water! its colder then it was in winter! so, while your sitting on the beach, after a very (VERY) refreshing dip in the slightly below 2 degree water, sipping your hot chocolate rugged up in your doona, here is a post for you! you have probably been wondering, gee.. what DOES zali love this spring? well, to sum it up into three simple words…

MACARONS (not for eating, only for how they look. so shallow)
THE BEACH (not for swimming. still too cold)
and lastly, FRIENDS and ICE CREAM!

okay, so that was 4. YOUR WELCOME!

xo zali