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if you know me, you would probably know that i really love to rainbow loom. its actually
SO fun! anyways, i have started mainly making 3D things. more specifically, 3D happy foods. they are so fun to make, and they always turn out soo cute! its really incredible to think HOW people come up with all these different techniques, its so complicated! people are so clever. here are a few that i have made..


i think my favourite is probably the happy mango and spring onion. they’re just so cute!

also, here is my playlist for you to listen to while you do looming, drawing or anything that makes you happy. i am absolutely loving these songs at the moment, especially tightrope by Illy! ahhhh.. isn’t it nice when you find a nice bunch of songs that you just love.. its just the best feeling..

/ PLEASE note. tightrope by Illy’s album name is not very nice, so i would recommend not paying attention to that. tightrope by Illy also has swearing at the beginning.

spring playlist by zali bee on Grooveshark

xo zali



today i have something super exciting to show you all! recently i have been doing ALOT
of drawing.. trying out new shading techniques and all different bits and pieces. and do you know, i am SO DARN EXCITED about drawing again! i don’t know why, but every time i think of a new idea my brain starts spinning, and i start to feel like hopping around on my head with excitement. i just LOVE to draw! (i know i have probably said this before) but i think i go through stages of LOVING it, then kind of wandering off into the clouds, then LOVING it, then eating some salad, then LOVING it… its really quite strange.

anyways, i thought i would show you this little stop motion i made of me drawing one of my more recent (and favourite!) drawings, a gluten free donut girl. she was so fun to draw, and i love the way it came out..

i have something super exciting planned for this month (and the next, and the next etc) a new feature! AH YEAH. super excitingness.

xo zali