little memories


i am so glad everyone liked my india posts so much, all of your comments where so nice! sadly, today i will be sharing the last few little memories of our trip. these are from all throughout the trip, so they are a little muddled…


+ i am not sure i have shown any other photos of henna in my other posts! it was SO much fun to all get henna, i absolutely love it. the people that do it are so talented and amazingly detailed.. and its so relaxing just having someone paint swirly patterns all over your hands! i find it relaxing anyway.. we got this done in Jaipur, at a little market-stall-type-thing in the Pink City. (which is literally, made out of red mud) its so exciting getting it done and to see all the mud peel off and reveal the henna tattoo.


+ doing poses, with umbrellas, in windows! we bought these wonderful little umbrellas at some bazaars throughout jaipur. they are so amazingly hand crafted, and so cheap as well! i think we bought like 4.. :D


+ peeping through little windows in a mirror-painting hall at the Samode Palace. seriously, this place is A M A Z I N G. the tiniest of tiny details on ever single wall. so many amazing paintings, patterns, mosaics, lanterns, windows, carpets… everything! its hard to imagine how LONG all of this would have taken! even the ceiling was painted just as detailed (if not more) as the walls! so incredible..


+ all of us together (minus adults) at the (incredible, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking etc, etc,) Taj mahal. it was the absolute best thing having our friends with us, they are such wonderful travel companions. i would go anywhere in the world with them! they are so much fun, i haven’t laughed, smiled, or felt more at home with anyone. thank you! and the taj, i mean! W O W. and guess what, if seeing the taj mahal wasn’t enough for us, the guide took us on a camel cart to our bus!! hehe, i actually felt sorry for the camel.. i mean, having to lug people around all day. in the SUN. poor camel :(

thankyou so much to my mama for taking such beautiful photos of our trip! (she does take wonderful photos!)

anyway, thank you so much everyone for reading my india posts, i hope you really did like them! i think you should definitly go to india at some point in your life, i am sure you will L O V E it <3


king + april playlist


recently, my mama did a talk and got given the most pretty flower, i think they are called King Protea’s, i am not sure. but i love them. so i have been staring at it ever since, day dreaming of wonderful photoshoots and drawings..

sadly, i haven’t quite done that yet. so for now i just content my self with taking numerous photos and listening to my april playlist.. its a pretty good life <3